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Yo! Wassup people? We’re talking about fashion, Hypebeast fashion in particular. It’s no secret that streetwear is the main fashion style at the moment. People are trying to look trendy, but it’s kinda hard because there aren’t a lot of companies that solely specialize in street wear clothes and people will always demand individuality about their outfit. That’s why there is a new hype for DIY these days. Okay, are there any more ways to up my streetwear look? Of course, in fact, fashion accessories is the main topic for today. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.


These things were always in demand, long before the streetwear fashion was created. Always a game changer, jewelry is the first thing people will look at when they see you. Rings, earrings, necklaces the options are limitless. The more expensive jewelry you own, the better you look. It’s no surprise why rappers use jewelry in their music videos. As you already know, jewelry is the best fashion item to portray your financial capabilities. Of course, the prices for expensive looking jewelry will be accordingly expensive, but you can still find budget-friendly alternatives on the market. So are the streetwear outfits and jewelry go well together? Absolutely. Hypebeast outfits are probably the best match for an expensive jewelry. Don’t be afraid to pair them up together. Any latest trends? I can see grillz becoming more and more popular these days. Check them out for yourself.


As I’ve said multiple times, great watches can take your outfit from 0 to 100 real quick. Watches are another accessory that catches people’s attention and makes an instant statement. Of course, with technology evolving and recent smartphone inventions, watches lost their main function – time telling. However, with the loss of one function, it gained another. Now, watches are the main fashion accessory out there. Watches + Streetwear = Perfect combination. The latest trend I can spot is definitely rose gold minimalist watches. Now imagine this, LV x Supreme hoodie with a bright yellow necklace on, light blue ripped jeans paired up with black Yeezy Beluga and there is a rose gold Ambassador on your wrist. Man, you’re ready for anything with that outfit. Although there’re many options on the market, it’s kinda hard to find a decent watch that doesn’t cost a fortune. With that being said, we move further to our next talking point.


fashion accessories

These guys are a hidden gem on the watch market. The Ambassador watches are fully in line with the latest trends of fashion. The rose gold we previously talked about is a color option here. What can we really say? The Heritage collection goes perfectly with any streetwear look out there. Ambassador design is simple, yet very stylish. What about the price though? The usual price of Ambassador watches is $279 as of now. In my opinion, that’s a steal for the quality you’re getting. Check them out for yourself.

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